Dubcentral on Sheffield Live 93.2FM with Yammi (I-SUS 2K Sound System)

dubcentral radio 21 feb 2014

This week, we have special guest Yammi (I-SUS 2K Sound System) taking over the Sheffield Live Studio.

Yammi grew up around sound systems; Itiopians was his first sound in the early seventies playing alongside sounds like Mafia, Quaker City and Lord David.

It was then around 1980 when The Itiopians crew began to separate and I-SUS Sound System was created. From the onset I-SUS began to dominate the North of England.

Black Joy, another Sheffield Sound System, closely related to I-SUS joined forces with them and together they became known as Trojan High Power. They had the same engineer who built amps for Sifa Sound System and Yammi built the speaker cabs. The crew were together for 10 years before some of the members wanted to change from playing roots & culture, and play bashment and dancehall. Feeling as though the music was not giving out the right message, Yammi and Idren Godson went their own way and built I-SUS 2K with the principles that mattered to them; dealing strictly with Roots,  Culture and Dub.

The session starts on the airwaves, Friday 21st Feb at 11pm.