Dubcentral Residents at Eden Festival


Big big thanks to Reaction Sound System for inviting us to play!

Eden is classed as a ‘boutique’ festival, which means it has lots of small stages rather than a few big ones. The reason for this style of festival is to host an event that has enough big names on the bill that people will travel to see – but at the same time has enough small stages to include the wealth of unsigned talent across many different genres. These genres include Traditional, Reggae, Swing, Ska, Balkan, Hip Hop, Folk, Classical, Rock, Blues, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Electro, Breaks, Dub Step, Chill Out, Psy Trance, House and Minimal. This talent is from across the UK. There is some priority given to Dumfries & Galloway acts but acts are sourced from all over Scotland and the UK. This helps to bring music lovers and musicians at a grass roots level north of the border to support their favourite acts or friends and share their music and audience with others. It benefits the Dumfries & Galloway musicians to play along side acts from all over the UK of a similar level who are open to collaboration, networking and skill sharing. It also benefits grass roots musicians who haven’t been able to establish north of the border. For both groups of musicians, they are getting a platform and an environment to perform their music and a potential outlet to collaborate and network in order to seek gigs further afield.


Grassroots is a Leeds based event which has been happening since 2008 and since it’s conception has raised thousands for environmental causes and charities.

With the Reaction Sound System.(formerly Chain Reaction) The worlds only serious Bike-Powered Sound System. Reaction Sound System features state of the art technology allowing previously un-heard of efficiency. Making other bike powered sound systems look like kids toys! Using 6 bike generators and a custom line array sound system to convert your exercise directly into beautiful, crisp, and loud, music.

Unlike a solar/wind powered stage Reaction Sound System don’t need to use huge banks of Lead acid batteries to ensure there is enough power for the whole festival.

Lead acid batteries are 3000year old technology! But they take huge amounts of energy to manufacture, are inefficient to charge, have a very limited life span (especially when discharged) and to run a stage for a weekend you need a lorry!

Reaction Sound System uses only a single Ultracapacitor in place of batteries. So all the power is generated right then and there by you and your friends. The harder you pedal the louder it gets! If its sunny our solar panels make pedalling easy but we don’t store any of that power so after dark it’s people to the pedals, power to the speakers and music to the people!

Reaction Sound System Website

Line up Includes:

High Pressure
Gremlyn and Jazzy Jim
Benson’s Hedges
and the residents: Reaction Djs