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*Interview published March 2014

Descendant Music is a record label headed by UK reggae producer Will Tee. It was launched in 2012 and has seen Will release collaborative work with household name Jamaican artists as well as talent closer to home. The label is all about featuring great singers and musicians, mixing a driving digital style with live musicianship and featuring them on the traditional reggae format – vinyl.

Will Tee started making music after attending local roots dances as a teenager. For a number of years his music featured on dubplate for a handful of sound systems, until his first release came in 2011 on Roots Revelation Records. Meanwhile he had built a sound system of his own in 2008 and had been playing locally with some like-minded friends, calling the system Descendant Sound. Fast forward to the present day and Tee is currently working with many high profile artists for Descendant Music as well as other labels, including the US imprint Black Redemption

Releases from Descendant Music include the killer roots 7″ Kings Horn . This first release by Will Tee has been heavily featured on Channel One,  Aba Shanti-I & Jah Shaka sound systems!

Will Tee has built up a solid reputation as a producer, 2013 saw him collaborate with US imprint Black Redemption label and release the The Freedom Fighter Riddim . It features cuts from some of the finest vocalists around: Cologne, Turbulence & Judah Eskender Tafari. The release which is on 2 x 10″ vinyl, also includes a signature Will Tee sound: a horns cut from Mael Amnisty and some great Dub mixes!

Although Will Tee’s musical philosophy is based around a love for playing and releasing vinyl , Descendant Music is moving with technology and recently released some of it’s catalogue in digital format . The Internets biggest gift is accessibility and it’s a credit to the UK roots & reggae scene that the music produced here is been bought globally on both vinyl and digital.  The following Descendant releases are available to buy from all major download sites

DMU releases

Dubcentral has a lot of respect for Will Tee; we’ve followed his work over the years, and you’ll often find a Descendant Music dub dropped in a Dubcentral dance. It’s great to see Sheffield continue as a quality outlet for UK roots music.  Over the last year Will has also been a guest host on Dubcentral’s late night radio slot broadcast on Sheffield Live 93.2FM. During his shows Will Tee has featured some cheeky forthcoming Descendant Music previews as well as a selection of his favorite roots and reggae.

In fact the relationship between Will Tee and Dubcentral goes quite far back and has been growing stronger and stronger over the years . We asked Will Tee what his influences were and how he got into roots music and sound systems?

WT:   To be honest I have to hand it to Dubcentral for that! It was going to the community centre down the road from me where your early dances were that opened my eyes (ears) to proper sound system culture. It came at just the right time when I was discovering artists like Dennis Brown and the dub albums from King Tubby, it really helped me make sense of those tunes and got me hooked!

So for 2014, you can expect more quality releases from the Descendant Music camp! We asked Will Tee what was lined up for 2014?

WT:   I’m working on an album with Micah Shemaiah at the moment. He’s part of the new roots movement happening in Jamaica and I’m really excited about the album. It’s something a bit different to the singles I’ve been putting out up ’til now. I’ve also got some more stuff coming out on the Black Redemption label from New York.

You can catch up with Will Tee performing at various events up and down the UK, including the huge UNOD Weekender at Pontins Holiday Park in North Wales over the 28th – 30th March . You can also see Will Tee play at other UK festivals from spring and he’ll be back presenting the radio in March. Keep up to date with Descendant Music releases performances by visiting the Descendant Music Website.

For us, it’s plain to see the Will Tee has a long and bright future ahead of him. Quality production / press and attention to detail is synonymous with the Descendant Music Label . If you’re watching any up and coming UK artists this year then Will Tee should be on your list , we’re in no doubt that 2014 will be full of surprises.

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